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Cost Benefits

Why SocialHootz

Most businesses just don't have the wherewithal to take advantage of the massive selling opportunities attributable to social media.  The cost of hiring a social media person may be one of the primary reasons that many companies don't get involved.  Think about it, to hire a person you need recruitment drives, HR to deal with, office space and machines to purchase.  To say nothing of the holidays, maternity leave and sick days. 

Approximate Costs of doing it this way

Based on UK salaries, the average cost of a social media specialist is between £25-£45k depending on experience and location.  On top of this there is the cost of training, office space and machine provisioning which may see the final yearly total in the region of £30k to £50k a year.  We can considerably reduce the costs to a fraction of these by utilizing some of our own proprietary software built specifically to address this need.

A better way

Fortunately there is no magic formula to promoting any business online.  We know all of the best strategies and have been using them for some time with great effect. 

What we can do for your business?

Help build your audience.

Building an audience is one of those ongoing tasks that must be a part of every social media strategy.  Its all very well having something great to say but without an audience to promote your business today it can be a largely wasted effort.  We will use our own proprietary techniques for following the right people in the right place based on your business category.  We will also rigorously vet people in your social profiles to ensure that you're follower ratios remains constant.

Bring your website in line with your marketing plans.

Does your website project what your customers are looking for?  By keeping a real time check on what customers are entering into the search engines we can keep you updated on what you should be including on your website.  This ensures that your business will always be one step ahead of your competitors.

Ensure that your onsite SEO enables you to be found by your potential customers.

How would you know if your web designer or company has adequately completed your online SEO?  You wouldn't.  That is unless you had some way of being able to see your website in the same way that the search engines see it.  At SocialHootz we have web analyzing strategies that allow us to determine if your website has been optimized and we can send you a full report on a page by page basis with recommendations for improvement.  These recommendations once applied are picked up by our software to enable further keyword analysis.

Ensure that your offsite marketing efforts are engaging and provide direct selling opportunities by getting your message out to the best social media outlets available.

Having a great website, fully optimized with a great message means little if you have no other way of promoting it.

Providing you with a simplified communication process to ensure you're always engaged with your customers.

Determine your competition and provide ongoing recommendations about what keywords and phrases are generating the most buzz.

Keep track of your progress in the search engines and provide ongoing progress reports as to how things are going.