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Costs Explained

Number of Websites

Some organisations may have multiple websites depending on their geographical and regional reach. This may also include businesses with multilingual requirements. Additional websites are discounted at a rate of 5%.

Number of Employees

Our experience indicates that the larger the company the greater the amount of ongoing support. This not only factors in the complexity of the support but also number of participants involved in the communication process.

Number of Blogs

The default is 1 blog a month and can be sufficient for most small to medium sized organisations. However some organisations may want more engagement with their potential audience. Additional blogs are discounted at a rate of 5%

Number of pages to optimise

This comprises the amount of web pages that a business wants to really market. For example, if the business wants to rank higher in the search engines for a particular product then this cost will involve us weekly checking the search engines to see how those pages are fairing and will track the progress in a database. If we see any positive movements we will keep you informed. Futhermore, we will do some keyword research and provide you with an ongoing list of suggestions for keywords that can be used to update the keywords on your website. We will also add them to the blogs we create on your behalf.

Additional pages are discounted at a rate of 5%


The minimum contract term is 3 months. Cost saving are to be made by selecting a larger contract window.