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Facebook marketing has never been easier.

Sick and tired of seeing your Facebook Page activity die away because of all the algorithm updates?

All of those hard earned likes not getting the engagement you used to get?

All is not lost. Facebook groups still provide a fantastic way of promoting your business, ensuring that all of that great content isn't going to waste.

Why Facebook groups?

Groups allow for a more engaged and focused environment from your audience. While business pages allow companies a place to broadcast their updates and new content, groups allow the audience more freedom in beginning, continuing and even driving discussions.

This translates to an environment that can offer better customer feedback, a more active user base within your specific niche and many other opportunities to creatively network yourself with your ideal clients while providing them value.

Better Exposure

Business pages on Facebook are at the mercy of an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine what messages should be listed in the Top Stories section of the News Feed. Groups allow a different form of ranking that is more organic. Every time somebody likes or comments on a post, it is brought back up to the top of the page.

This allows you to see what your most passionate customers find appealing and engaging. Rather than rely on an algorithm, groups give you a chance to use Facebook for business in a way that measures your customer base’s passion and interests in real time.

Topic Discussions Keep Your Business Top of Mind

While a business page allows a company to promote a product or service, groups allow your customers to choose topics rather than products that they find interesting. For example, if you are marketing a fitness company, the ideal Facebook group would focus on exercise routines, fitness tips, and other information relevant to their interests rather than discussing your products.

This means that your customers are reaching beyond what you sell and focusing more on their personal interests. It also means that others looking for similar topics will be attracted to your page, increasing your appeal. This is a great way to use Facebook for business and pleasure as well.

Become Recognized as the Expert in your Field

Because groups allow your customers to discuss topics rather than businesses, you will attract a high number of individuals who are knowledgeable or interested in that area – a magnet for prospects.

The beauty of these discussions (and your own contribution to the discussions) in your group is that people begin to associate you with the topic, to the point where your name becomes synonymous with your industry.

If people are getting good, quality advice from your group, they will know where to ask when tidbits of advice in a Facebook post become inadequate for their needs. When you are using Facebook for business, a good group can give you a level of credibility that is completely unmatched by anything that a page alone can offer.

Groups are beginning to make a comeback on Facebook, and for good reason. Companies are beginning to realize how these groups can help them use Facebook for business in many successful ways. Now is the time to take advantage of these opportunities and begin a group of your own

How can I take advantage?

We set your Facebook account up to join all of the most relevant and well frequented groups in your industry and region, at the same time we will start posting your content to each of these groups.

If your already using SocialHootz, our Facebook software can automatically take the posts from your business platforms and re-post them through all of your new groups.



The 3 step process

Step 1 - We join 1000's of relevant groups on your behalf

Step 2. Automatically send your posts and adverts to those groups

Step 3. You close the sale