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Robust Reporting


We all know that unless ROI is quantified, any marketing effort is effectively a waste of money and time.  As part of our service, we have a simple process for giving your business the greatest possible opportunities for increased sales, greater ROI for your online marketing spend and customer engagement.  Learn more below about how we benchmark and report engagement growth.


Make an assessment

Initially we perform an on-site SEO check of your website, to assess if your website meets all of the basic guidelines outlined by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  In effect, if we can't tell what your trying to rank for neither will the search engines.


Search the SERPS

We will query search engines like Google, to see if you appear in any of the listings for the keywords you have now made the updates for.  If we find you within the first 20 pages, we will retry the search each week and record any movement in a database which we will use to provide you with a report of historical progress.


Search your existing social media profiles

We will keep track of your social media profiles, the number of followers and likes and use this information to determine the impact performance of our online marketing efforts.


Keep you informed of trending keywords

We will constantly keep an eye on what your customers are searching for, by sending your own keywords to one of our our real time search engine partners.  They can find out what your users are really entering into the search engines. 

It could be that keywords people were searching on last month have changed, as often is the case.  We will send this back to you so your web designer can update your website content to more accurately reflect how the majority of your potential customers can begin to find you.