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Focus on the things that matter!


You know you have something good to say and most of it is already on your website. So why say everything twice. What if we could extract from your website all of the most important content, split them into social media sized posts, minify the links and prepare them in a single page for selection directly next to the page they were created from.

Well, that's exactly what we have done and our customers just love it. This particular feature not only integrates with your website, but it also integrates with every additional blog, feature review or press release we create for you. This means you can have wonderful things to post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the click of a button.

Keeping your marketing in sync with your business objectives!


Keep your messages in sync

Keeping your business objectives in sync with your online engagement can be one of the most time consuming aspects of any social media marketing.  Our portal will extract your messages in real time and allow you to pick and choose which of your messages get out first.


Integrated marketing

With over 350 services at our disposal we ensure that every press release, blog, article, video and review ends back up at your portal, already processed into messages and ready to go.  This ensures that you have plenty to say but also guarantees that your messages get into your favourite social media services such as Facebook, Twitter and many more.


Sophisticated Scheduling

Don’t batch and blast. SocialHootz social media publishing helps you become smarter about the way you schedule and publish content on social media.  Right down to the page level, you can set the messages of a particular page to start and end at pre-configured dates.


Security and peace of mind!

Nothing scares company executives more than not knowing who in the department has access to all of the companies most important social media accounts. We can prevent this from happening by ensuring all of the accounts are managed in one portal.