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LinkedIn marketing has never been easier.

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I'm a recruitment company.

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What if you could remove all of the mundane from LinkedIn?  What if you could simply tell a bot what kinds of connections you need, how many and by when? 

What if you could guarantee that all of your connections were relevant, engaged and potentially in the market for your products or services?

And finally, what if this were to save you on average 8 hours a day?

Well, it's here.  Full scale LinkedIn automation.  By using our tried and tested formula we can typically generate 100 new and relevant connection requests per week.  Not only that, but truly engaging conversations that lead to direct sales.


The 3 step process.


Step 1 - Let us make targeted connections

Making new connections on LinkedIn can be tiresome at best.  The research alone and then having to create a new and ever more creative intro in order to get to the people that you NEED.  It's a surprise you get anything done.

Our software will automatically make connections with your target audience by using clever technology to generate connections by using elements of the prospects own profile.  This gives your prospect the re-assurance that you have taken the time to read their profile and also ensures that they are twice as likely to connect with you.


Step 2 - We do the follow up

After a new prospect has connected with you, you should follow up.  Just accepting the connection is not enough.  Our software will send a follow up message designed to elicit a response.

The follow up alone increases the opportunity of sale by at least 80%.  Unfortunately, some leave this too late which ends up giving the potential prospect too much time to move on.


Step 3 - You close the sale

This is where you come in.  Now that the prospect has connected and replied to your follow up message, you can begin to gauge how interested they might be in your product or services.  

Our recommendation is to simply seek to find out what they do and how they do it.  The law of reciprocation determines that at some point in the conversations they will ask you what you do and at that stage you can suggest solutions to how you might help them.

Get your 8 hours a day back.


Let's imagine that in a typical work day you set a goal to:

- Make 50 new introductions or invites to your targeted prospects.

- Follow up on yesterdays 25 connections.

- Peruse at least 50 profiles, in order to get reciprocal views.

- Withdraw the pending invites that are now 2 weeks old.

- Invite 25 new people to join your group.

- Follow 30 new people.

- Endorse 50 new people.

Make 50 new introductions or invites to your targeted prospects.

Normally you would run a search by entering the roles of the prospects you would want to connect with.  Next you would add any parameters, location for example and finally take some time to read the profile.  

You would then need to craft a response that somehow explains why you think they would make a good connection.  Of course, you must do everything in your power to ensure it doesn't sound like a copy and paste job and the only way to do that is to use portions of the prospects own profile in the message itself.  By the time you have done all of this, you could be looking at 5 minutes before you've even sent the invite.  Times this by 50 and it will have taken you just over 4 hours.

Follow up on yesterdays 25 connections.

Lets assume that over the course of adding new connections half of them have come back and this is tragically where the journey ends for most LinkedIn users.  If your on top of things, you will have to craft 25 more messages which can possibly be copied and pasted, but even this is still at least another 15 minutes that could be used for something more important.

Peruse at least 50 profiles, in order to get reciprocal views.

If you have a great profile, why not get it seen.  As above you will need to perform a search, clicking on relevant profiles as you go.  Altogether it can take anything between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the quality of your research.

Withdraw the pending invites that are now 2 weeks old.

Another necessary evil, if you don't the LinkedIn algorithm will start to prevent you from connecting with new prospects.  Add another 10 mins for this.

Invite 25 new people to join your group.

If you have a group it would be a terrible waste not to invite connections that you have already made.  You can add another 30 minutes for this task.

All of this and we haven't included InMailing of 2nd and 3rd connections, sending messages to your 1st connections and following targeted profiles.  All of this can easily take another 2-3 hours.


Did we mention follows and endorsements?

Everyone in the know with LinkedIn understands that following your new prospects posts and endorsing their skills is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to generate a foundation for future dialogue.  But again, this can be a very time consuming exercise.  Our bots know exactly how to take care of this, as with everything above.


Lets our bots take care of the mundane


Get hundreds of profiles visits a day

If your anything like me, you like to know who's been checking out your profile.  Why not take advantage of the fact that most of us think the same, by allowing us to visit hundreds of targeted prospect on your behalf.  You can be sure that in return they will have checked you out also.


Get hundreds of endorsements a week

Giving endorsements,  is an easy, low-effort way of keeping in touch and regularly engaging with your contacts but few people ever do it.

Not only does it provide a way to engage but it's also a way to encourage others to leave endorsements for you.  


Get more followers to see your posts

Following your connections and showing some interest in their posts is the surest and easiest way to garner engagement and follow backs for your posts.

Our follow bot will ensure that all of your new connections feel valued and appreciated.