FAQ | SocialHootz


Do I have to do anything to get started?

We offer a managed service, which means we take away most of the time-consuming aspects of reaching out to people and generating new and relevant connections. All you have to do is a quick consultation when the service begins to decide which demographics would be most beneficial for your business, and how you’d like us to be introduced. The rest we take care of, you can sit back and simply respond to all of the opportunities coming in.


Will it work for me?

Whatever sector, industry or demographic you work in, we’re certain that the service will have a hugely positive impact on your company. We’ve already worked with businesses, recruiters, call centres and entrepreneurs across a wide variety of verticals and have always had a great response


Why is SocialHootz LinkedIn so effective?

It’s because this is the way that people have been doing business for hundreds of years. Sure the setting has changed – now it’s digital. But no marketing technique in the world will ever beat approaching people you know will benefit from your service or product, and introducing yourself politely and professionally – and that’s exactly what we do.


What is the price?

We offer a flat monthly price of £130, if you want to do a bit more than generate introductions and follow ups we can talk you through that too.


I've had problems in the past with LinkedIn blocking me because I've connected with users that don't know me? How will your approach prevent this?

Our approach isn't so direct as to give prospects grounds to report you to LinkedIn. In other words, our approach puts the interests of the prospect first. Even at the follow up stage we don't try to place them for a new role. This softer approach is the key to growing long terms relationships with candidates that can move from role to role many times.

Additionally, what we are finding is that most candidates prefer this approach often stating that it's refreshing to be listened to rather than be sold to. In reality, when a recruiter connects with a person, that person already knows whats behind it. In the majority of cases, theirs no need for a hard approach as candidates will often volunteer the fact that they are looking for a new role. Admittedly, if your doing this manually, the time and effort to make the connection might induce you to be more assertive, but when you connecting with 100's of person people at a time, you can afford to be patient.

Do you just provide a product?

No, we provide consultancy and best practices on how to get the most from this kind of approach. Also, we work with recruiters from lots of industries and understand your day to day challenges.

Why cant our own teams just copy and paste the invites in the same way as piece of automation software?

LinkedIn has become increasingly aware of automation techniques that aim to subvert proper and fair usage of its application. To combat this, they have put in place advanced algorithms to detect keystroke timings, DOS attacks and scrape bots. Amongst other things, they know how long a user should take to type in a particular message, whether or not you have clicked on their profile or bio. Many genuine users have had their accounts blocked by LinkedIn for doing this.

Does your software violate LinkedIn terms and conditions?

No, our software simply runs a browser that's connected to LinkedIn on a virtual machine. This means that from LinkedIn's perspective it's just a user that's working through a tool.

Is their a contract?

No, if you decide to pay monthly you can turn this off at any time. If you want the product at a more cost effective rate we have 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions.

What do we need to provide?

You need to provide us with the search url. After you have performed the search, you can find this in the address bar of your browser. This ensures we only work against the exact candidates your looking to find.

Will the software try to engage with my previous contacts?

No, the software will only engage with contacts that its found. Further to this, if you decide to jump in early and engage the prospect before the software sends a follow up message, you can do this to.

The software won't send a follow up message if you decide to take over.

What other bots do you have?

Our other bots can be see here.

When should I use endorsement bots?

Use endorsement bots if you already have an established connection on LinkedIn. Endorsements are a great way to re-connect with past candidates.