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Why every serious recruitment company needs the SocialHootz LinkedIn automation program!

How does it work?

The starting point for every recruiter using LinkedIn is to find new candidates. This is usually done through the search options. LinkedIn's powerful search capabilities allows you to identify and connect with persons of every conceivable capabilility, background and industry. Include the location and exact profile matching to the mix and what you have is a fantastic database of potentially live candidates.

So whats the problem then?

The problem is that trawling through hundreds of potential candidates, writing customised connection invites and then following up on each one individually is just a very time consuming activity.

On average, a recruiter or account manager can spend up to 3-4 hours a day on this activity alone.

If your not using our software then you are throwing money out of the window. It's that simple and this is even before we even get to the additional features and benefits.

What if you could just take the search result and pass it over to a bot. Not just any bot, but a bot thats smart enough to create custom connection invites, do the follow up and get the candidates warmed up sufficiently that they will accept a phone call.


LinkedIn search

What other problems does it solve?

In reality, many candidates are in "two minds" about their current job. Those that might not have been ready for a change of role last month might be ready now, conversely those that might be ready now might not be around in a few weeks.

So how are you supposed to keep tabs on all of this movement. To do it manually is impossible, but by harvesting the candidates in advance and allowing our software to keep them appraised of your interest in them by providing ongoing endorsements and/or regular profile views will ensure that your never far from their thoughts when they are ready to move on.