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As an FSB Membership advisor a major key to our success is the ability to generate new appointments. With a 97% success rate of all meetups resulting in a signup it stands to reason that getting in front of people is the key to achieving our targets.

I’ve been using SocialHootz LinkedIn generation for 3 weeks now and in that time I’ve been able to secure 30 quality appointments. Many of which have resulted in new signups.

With this new way of generating appointments I am excited about the future prospects and my ability to predict and forecast sales for the coming months.

I can do nothing but praise the SocialHootz team for producing such a worthwhile product. Every serious business needs to be using this.

Dave Battrick - Membership Advisor


XQ Cyber

Although I was slightly sceptical about the ability of automated software to do as good a job as a human, the free trial was set up in such I way that I was prepared to give it a go. As a sceptic, I'm very impressed in the number and quality of candidates that the software has generated. We haven't been using the software long enough to know how successful we will be in converting candidates into placements, but early indications are that this software will reduce our requirement to spend hours "trawling" LinkedIn for candidates and will let us focus on making placements.

Alastair Christie - Interim Head of Recruitment



McFarlane Consultancy

Using your automated LinkedIn has really been an eye opener. You have allowed me to select industries and particular groups of people, in certain regions to test and communicate with, automatically, every day. All of this happening without me thinking about so that I can concentrate on the heavy thinking and adding real value to my clients.

It has been amazing to talk it through with you and using your expertise to learn and create next steps.

My LinkedIn network has tripled in size with the people that I want to be connected with.

Thank you for your consulting approach and ability to drill down and hit the exact industry that I need to help grow my business.

Donovan McFarlane - CEO


The New Homes Group

As the Talent Acquisition Manager for The New Homes Group, I am always keen to embrace new ideas and technology especially when it can assist with lightening the work load and increasing candidate attraction activity.

SocialHootz offered me a two week trial which seemed a bit of a no brainer, their timing was spot on as I was spending all my time attempting to connect and interact with candidates in our market. The set up was simple and the results immediate. I am delighted to say that I have spent the last week talking to candidates who were considering a career move, that have been sourced via the SocialHootz software.

SocialHootz has quite simply saved me hours of repetitive leg work leaving me free to engage with candidates and do what I am paid to do.

I highly recommend SocialHootz to any business looking to engage with a target market, and we have now signed up on a permanent basis with them at what is a very reasonable cost.

Darren Robbins
Recruitment Manager


PG Estates

SocialHootz have been a great help to me in expanding my social network and generating new business opportunities.

The return on investment has been excellent and the time it has freed up for me to get on with other aspects of my job has come in very handy.

The most surprising thing is what it has helped me to learn about an industry I have been involved in for many years – the people who I have connected with have provided me with fresh ideas and inspired my creativity.

I would highly recommend the service to anyone who is looking to expand their business or is beginning a new venture.

Matthew Gilbert - Head of Sales



Family Money Trees

Just to give a massive thanks for your SocialHootz Linkedin automation software, this has increased the number of people connecting and customer increases that I have to keep asking for it to be turn down as I cant keep up with the enquiries coming up for my Business service, thanks for this amazing tool for my business, keep it going great Job.

Paul Gunson - Director



We have been using SocialHootz LinkedIn bot for just over a week and our connections have grown and we already have people looking to meet us to discuss our training with them.

The bots have saved us hours of work and it has made the initial engagement very easy.

Dave Beadle - Rotundus


Forward Role Recruitment

I’ve been using the SocialHootz system for 2 weeks now and can honestly say that I’m impressed by the amount of enquiries this has generated in that short time.

In our line of business finding new candidates can be challenging, particularly when there are so many of us around.  Trying to differentiate ourselves has always been a struggle, but this software has allowed to focus on what matters most, placing qualified candidates.

Just want to thank the SocialHootz team for a great product and customer service


Mike Rhodes - IT Recruitment Lead



I would like to say that the SocialHootz LinkedIn in automation has been an absolute delight.  Not only as it saved me 4 hours of works a day, it has increased the amount of quality and targeted contacts in my network.

The setup was straightforward and the SocialHootz on-boarding team were fantastic in helping to get us and running. 

I can’t recommend them enough.  Keep up the good work!!!

Victor Sevciuc - Business Development Manager


Just Contact

We have been using SocialHootz for about 2 months now. The LinkedIn robots have created lots of leads for our various business channels. George and the team are very keen to help us understand the best way to utilise the services to best effect … would definitely recommend.


Iain McGregor - Just Contact CEO