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Bear in mind that selecting too many sub-categories could limit how SocialHootz creates your extended social network. This is partly due to the fact that we won't allow businesses of the same sub-category to use one another network to promote each other.

The business details section comprises all of the important information regarding your business.  Most of this information will have been provided during signup but it might be worth checking that its still correct.

Why Categories Matter

When you signed up you provided a top level category. This gave us enough information to get things moving but there are several other reasons why you should be more specific about your companies products and services.

Reason 1 : Knowing what you do allows us to provide collaborators and mutual partners that are NOT in competition or conflict with what you do.

Reason 2 : Knowing what you do allows us to more effectively provide your company with targeted blogs and articles.

You can refine your business offerings by adding Sub Categories.

Select as many sub categories that match up with your business offerings. Once done, click select and them Save and Publish.

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