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Why Location matters

There are a few reasons why its important that we have the correct information regarding your business location, geographical range and reach.

Reason 1 - You may operate a business that depends more on local or regional sales.

Take for example a local florist that specializes in flower delivery. In terms of fulfillment they may have a limited delivery range. It may therefore serve little purpose in pursuing business outside of this geography

Reason 2 - Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google need this information to be able to retrieve and submit targeted offers.

Reason 3 - SocialHootz can take advantage of local opportunities to promote you business in with other SocialHootz users where mutually beneficial social partnerships can be formed. This can provide an enhance experience for all by allowing other local and non conflicting businesses to assist each other through their own social networks.

Reason 4 - SocialHootz needs this information to service Special Offers, Social Media posting, Direct Engagement, Competition and Audience Building.


When you signed up we attempted to establish your longitude and latitude through your postcode but it's worth checking that this is correct. You can do this by:

- Entering your location in the search box.

- Moving the red push pin closer to your business location

- Including the geographical reach of your business radius in km.

- Click Save and Publish


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