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You don't have to select the start of a sentence. SocialHootz will automatically upper case the first letter of any selection you make.

Ensure that when using the media selector that you are using images from websites that you own or have received permission to do so. To do otherwise will be breaking copyright and infringement laws which will affect your SocialHootz subscription.

The Campaigns section primarily integrates and works together with three other sections. The Contacts, Specials and Website External sections.

This articles details how to setup a new campaign, explains how to create messages and set special offers.

Click the Campaigns section > Create > Campaign

- Enter a name (this is used internally)

- Enter a title, this will appear in the published content.

- Enter or paste the content body into the Body editor.

- Within the paragraphs of your content you can include any media.  You can use any images from you own website by clicking the media icon (far right on the editor toolbar).  Enter the page on the website where your images reside and click parse.  You will see the images appear underneath > select the image you want to use.

Campaign Media

- Highlight social media sized messages by selecting the text in the Body editor. Once selected, click the share button (see below). This will turn the message yellow, indicating that it is now active.  To undo the selection select any of the highlighted text and select the undo button (on the right of the share button).  This will remove the selection. 

Campaign Highlight

- Add a campaign start date.

- Add a campaign finish date.

- Click Sub Category and select the closest category that this content belongs to. This is important as it will help your visitors more easily locate you in our service sites.

- Click Service Selection and select a service to post your content to.

- Click Page. Select the page that this content refers to.

- Click Special Offer. This is optional but you must first create a special offer.


Click Save and Publish.


Next Step: What happens when a campaign is published?







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