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When you publish your campaign several events take place.

Campaign Overview

1) The content is submitted to the platform that you selected in the Service Selection property. You can confirm this by:

- Navigating to the service in a browser.
- Go to the sub category of the selected service.
- Click the name of the blog that you submitted in the campaign creation.

2) The messages are added to the Websites External section, you can confirm this by:

- Navigating to the Website External section
- Find the platform
- Click the blog you just created. The messages will appear in bold.

3) The messages that you selected in your blog during the campaign creation are:

- Posted to your social media accounts
- Posted to the social media account of the service you submitted the blog to.  For example, if you submitted a blog to www.expertical.com.  The Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts for expertical will also re-post your messages.- Posted to other complimentary social media accounts via other SocialHootz users. The criteria for which social media accounts are used are detailed in the Business Details section.

Tip : You can update the content at any time in your campaign, this also includes the special offer.

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