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The competition section allows any business or organisation to grow a social media account by using smart technology to engage and follow like-minded businesses.

How to grow an engaged and relevant audience?

The best way to grow your social media platforms is to first show interest in your potential followers.  You can do this by expressing thanks for their posts and following them.  This is often reciprocated and when it is you have gained an added member to your growing audience. 

The problem of doing this manually.


Doing this manually would require:

- research to be conducted against potential customers in your specified demographic.  It may include assessing their location, their relevancy and most importantly the viability of them purchasing your products or services.

- a database or spreadsheet to be maintained so as to know who we have followed and when.

- a set time to remove those that we have followed and have not followed us back.  This is important in keeping equilibrium between or follower to following ratios.

How does it work?

It uses your own social media account to follow companies that are current followers of your competition. 

This approach has several key benefits:

-  Ensures that the businesses your following are relevant on the basis that if they are relevant to your competition they should be relevant to you.

- If your competition is being followed by followers that are interesting to your competition why would they not follow you?  After all, your provide the same or similar services and/or products. 


If you want to remove people that don't follow you back within 14 days then select the option 'Remove people that don't follow me after 14 days of me following them'.  If this is selected and the followed user doesn't follow back we will add that user onto a blacklist so that we don't attempt to follow them again.


To refine the results further you can specify that you only want SocialHootz to follow users with your geography.  This uses the longitude, latitude co-ordinates and range radius as specified within the Business Details section.

Use this if you business provides services that are geographically constrained to particular region.


In order for SocialHootz to begin the process of growing your audience you will need to supply it with the handles of your competition.  You can easily determine your competitions Twitter account by going to your competitions websites and clicking the Twitter icon, you will need the handle not the entire URL.  For e.g. if you wanted to grow you audience using the followers of SocialHootz and the URL is you would copy everthing after the last / after the .com.  In this case, socialhootz is all you would need.  You can paste this into the 'Only follow the followers of specified followers'


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