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Setting up your own custom curation integrations has never been easier.

In the curations section select the custom tab and click the plus icon as seen below:

As a sample, lets say we want to curate any new news from the BBC sports section.  In any browser, navigate to

The Page Link refers to the URL of the page you wish to integrate with.  You can copy/paste this directly from the browser URL bar. In our sample we would paste into the Page Link text field. 

The Extraction Type tells SocialHootz how to process the content it finds, for e.g. if you select content that has an expiry such as news then you will need to select the Press Release option as doing so will ensure that it has a limited usage window.  This also applies to Events but does not apply to Campaigns as these can be more long lived, for example blogs, how to guides and company whitepapers.

Selecting the Extraction Type also indicates where the content should go, if for example it is local news or a local event then it will be promoted on a local SocialHootz landing page.  If its a campaign then it will be posted to one of our blog or articles sites.

The Capture Filter provides the necessary integration.  To integrate the website content of your choice a few key considerations must be made:

Navigate to your website

Click the SocialHootz Extraction tool within your bookmarklet menu


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