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Please note that when a newsletter is email to your prospects that they will have the option to unsubscribe.  This will update the contacts newsletter status only, it will not remove the contact.

SocialHootz provides email integration with both the employers emails and the SocialHootz CRM.  This integration works to provide you with a steady stream of relevant and warm contacts.

How does it work?

SocialHootz interrogates your employees inbox each day looking for new contacts.  It does this by looking at the last 20 emails and determines which could constitute potential prospects and sends each an invite to join the company newsletter. 

When the email recipient clicks the link they are automatically added to your contacts list and will be added to the newsletter queue for new and upcoming campaigns, news, events and special offers.

First add your invite message:

Invite Message

Please note that you should not include any salutation or concluding text as the software will apply individual personalisation for each email sent.

To add employees to the email integration module, follow the steps below:

- Navigate to the Employees Emails section and click Add row.

- Add the name, surname, email and password of the employee you want to integrate the emails with.  You may need to speak to the employee directly or a member of your IT team.

- Repeat the process for each additional employee.

Employee Emails

You now need to specify the email type and email protocol that your company uses:

Email Type

In the event that your company is using an email service that is not listed above, you can use the custom settings section (please leave this empty if you have already specified an email type).  If you do choose to use a custom configuration please ensure that the Email Type is Custom.  Also you will still need to specify the Email Protocol.


What happens next?


 SocialHootz will send your employers contacts a direct invitation to signup to the company newsletter. 


When the link is clicked by the prospect they are presented with a generic signup form:


When the prospect clicks the Sign Up button, they are added to your customer list.  Note, that their details are already provided, the prospect will not be required to add any information.  Once clicked, SocialHootz will add them to your contacts section.



Not only will SocialHootz be able to send them newsletters based taken directly from your campaigns, but will also be able to track this prospect and begin to generate more information about their interests in your articles, news and offers.

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