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The Test Preference section allows a user to confirm that that the email settings provided in the Preference section are working.  You can test that the emails are readable and if successful will return several recent contacts from your employees inbox.

To check that SocialHootz can read the specified email account, click the 'Check emails can be read' button, click 'Save and Publish'.

If successful you will receive a message with a list of email address taken directly from the email account specified in the 'Preferences' section.  Please not that SocialHootz accessing the email account doesn't do anything to the state of the emails in any way.  For e.g. it will not mark unread emails as marked by scanning the inbox.

Test Preferences

The 2nd option 'Check emails can be sent' will send a test email via the employees email to the SocialHootz user.  Please update the 'Settings' section if you need to change who receives the test email.

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