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Welcome to SocialHootz!  You're well on your way to growing a powerful social media presence.  This article will help you get started on your way.

Upon signup our servers began the process of crawling your website.  We do this regularly to:

a) Assess the performance of your website.
b) Perform routine market analysis of the keywords on your website.
c) Determine that your business objectives are inline with your website.
d) Extract specific content from your website, which we use later on to post to your social media platforms.
e) If it finds any optimized keywords for a give page it will attempt to publish any existing and relevant content against that page. (To use this feature the automated content marketing option must be selected).

The reasons for this will made even clearer as you read on.  This article covers the following topics:

- Identify your business objectives.
- Review your websites performance
- Integrate your existing social media accounts
- Configure your website with custom content filters
- Add your competition

Review your websites performance

There's lots of reasons to ensure that your websites SEO is fully optimised.  For one thing, search engines and customers need a clear and consistent message about your services and offerings. 

Websites with poor SEO and an inconsistent message can lose out to their competitors.  The first consideration is to get some visibility on how your webpages are performing.  We do this by mimicking what the search engines look for by generating page based reports that allows you and your web administrator to make crucial updates and keyword optimizations all of which will greatly increase your ability to be found in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

What should I be looking for?

We give each page an overall page score out of 100.  The higher the score the better will your page position in the search engines.  The criteria for each of the recommendations is based on our research of what is most important at the current time.  As search engine algorithms change so does the emphasis we place on particular recommendations.  As a result of this you could find scores against individual pages changing from month to month.  

Initially, we suggest you focus only on the pages you identified in step 1 and use the email option to forward pages that need attention to your web administrator so that they can apply the recommendations. 

How do I know if I'm being consistent with my keywords?

Aside from the general recommendations the most important aspect of the report is the keyword section.  This specifically tells us how the search engines are viewing our pages.  There are several reasons to get the keywords consistent from a regular and a SocialHootz perspective.

Regular reasons:

1)  Google will index your pages with the correct definition of what that page is about, ensuring that your customers are finding you for those search terms.

2)  Will help your site to be more customer focused.

SocialHootz reasons:

1)  It allows us to find out from (the third party keyword company that SocialHootz integrates with) how many people are actually searching on those keywords and if there are any better ones we should be using.

2)  Allows us to keep in sync with market demand.  If the keywords change, which they do from time to time we will never have to worry about being behind as SocialHootz will stay on top of it.

3)  The Wordtracker report compensates for human error, for e.g. if the marketing team get the initial keywords wrong SocialHootz (or the WordTracker data) will steer them in the right direction.

4)  With the designated keyword in place we can start to regularly run checks in Google, Bing and Yahoo to see where we are now and show progress from that point onwards, a benchmark.

5)  Informs us of what we should be blogging about.

6)  Provides the hashtags for all of our microblogging sites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc



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