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The Short Answer

SocialHootz accelerates and magnifies any websites online presence. Once your website is a part of the SocialHootz community, it's able to have its content routed through our intelligent global network. We automatically perform page based SEO and keyword research reports so that your business is at the leading edge of the market. We also use intelligent techniques for extracting the content from your website, adding important information to the outgoing media and distributing it to all of the most useful social platforms on the web.

The result: SocialHootz-powered websites see a significant improvement in traffic, brand awareness, market penetration and most importantly sales!

By being plugged into our platform we give you exclusive access to syndication services and blog sites that allow advance tracking of your customers, direct promotional call to actions through our special offer technology and integrated engagement so that all of your campaigns can be managed in once place.

SocialHootz's system is always updated with the latest platform integrations, current best practices for SEO, security and social engagement.

SocialHootz can be used by anyone with a website and their own domain, regardless of your choice in platform. From start to finish. setup takes most website owners less that 10 minutes. If you use one of our recommended resellers that's even less! Adding your website requires only a simple signup form. There is no software to install or maintain and you do not need to change any of your websites existing code. That is unless your not happy with what our reports have to say about your website.

If you are ever unhappy you can turn of SocialHootz as easily as you turned it on. Our core service offers enhanced services for businesses that need real time reporting, keyword and competition analysis, website intregation for continuous messaging to your social media platforms and intelligent content distribution.

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The Long Answer

SocialHootz is designed to accelerate and make websites viral. Our system works somewhat like a fully fledged marketing team that comprises many individuals but with a common goal, but is designed to be much easier to setup and configure.


The diagram above displays how the SocialHootz features inter-relate.

The first thing that happens when you signup is we create approximately 300-350 social media and blog accounts.  The type of accounts we create is dependent on the category that you assigned against the category selection during signup.  In parallel with this we also start the process of creating reports against each of your webpages. This is to assess if your website meets all of the basic guidelines outlined by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. In effect, if we can't tell what your trying to rank for, neither will the search engines. We will send you a report which will identify any deficiencies with your website. This might include missing sitemaps, alt tags, poor naming conventions of titles and tags but most importantly keyword consistency.

This report can be sent on to your web designer who will be able to apply the recommendations.


Now that your pages have been optimised and we know where you are in the search engine results we can start to research you keywords to see just how many people are really searching them. We will regularly check what your customers are searching for, by running your keywords against our real time search engine database. We will be able to find out what your users are really entering into the search engines. It could be that keywords people were searching on last month have changed, as often is the case. We will send this back to you so your web designer can update your website content to more accurately reflect how the majority of your potential customers can begin to find you.

Now that we know exactly what your potential customers are searching for, we can create targetted content that is guaranteed to reel them in. We will get our content editors to write engaging content on your behalf. They will also do the legwork of distributing it to each of the services we have registered for you and where we will use any videos and images from your website to give it all that extra personal touch.

In each case we will ensure that each article has a back link to the page on your website that you're trying to rank for. Further to this, we will take the link of the new article and add it to your portal. You will not only be able to see your new articles and blogs. But you will have the same ability to post the messages directly to your Facebook and Twitter in the same way you can with the content from your website.

Aside from the software, a SocialHootz subscription give you access to thousands of active profiles, platforms and syndication services all of which give you a ready-built audience.

To explain how the system works generally, imagine you have a website ( and it's running a standard Wordpress website. Before SocialHootz if someone typed in superwidgets in a browser there was slim chance that you would appear anywhere near page one. That is because Google, Bing and other search engine sites place sites in order of relevance and overall social credibility. So the question is, how do your ensure that your relevant and that your presence is established long enough for you to become credible.

In order to do either you first need to know what your market is looking for and that your business is aligned with that demand. The 2nd is to ensure that your website is consistent with your message. We call this keyword optimisation. Off course, if it was that easy everyone would be millionaires. The challenge is that the demand constantly changes and so do your customers shopping behaviours. It would be impossible without intelligent software to stay on top of an ever changing market, with ever changing customers and expect everything to just stay current.

One of the key benefits of SocialHootz is that we bake all of the trending changes into the software. This means that you never have to worry that you business may be behind.

We analyse your website and determine if its consistent in its message and then use the keywords from your website to determine how many people actually want what you have to offer. By ensuring that your website is always relevant we can also ensure that you will always have pride of place in the search engines but even more importantly we can drive fresh and engaging content on your behalf with the upmost confident that it will be sought after.

Designating SocialHootz as your businesses online marketing will free your up to focus on what really matters. Your reseller will do any admin work if needed and will keep you informed of trends, opportunities and upcoming engagements.

To make all of this happen smoothly we have a simple process to that requires us to know what your marketing objectives are, who your competition is and what your current online situation comprises. We then plug these variables into the software and allow it to work towards growing your contact list and in time generating direct sales.

In time you will see:

- Your social media platforms growing with the followers of your competition.
- Increased web traffic thats measurable againse individual campaigns.
- Webpages from you site appearing higher and higher up the search engines.
- A growing CRM with relevant and engaged customers, that can be segregated against specified demographics.
- Increased sales that can be clearly attributed to SocialHootz.
- Enhanced brand awareness and market penetration.

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