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To assist with this task please download this document.

Each report has a status. 

If the report is grey everything is normal. 

If the report is red then something needs attention, for e.g. the SEO score for a selected page is below average.

If the report is green then something positive has happened, for e.g. the selected page ranking has improved or if sales voucher has been downloaded.



On a daily basis SocialHootz generates detailed reports for all of the activities performed the day before. The type of information reported back is dependent entirely on the information you or your reseller provides in the "Goals and Tasks" section. 

This means that you can manage the entire SocialHootz feature set through this single page.

For the most part each section of the Goals and Tasks corresponds to the individual features that SocialHootz provides.  See below. 

Notice that the features on the left have a corresponding set of settings in the Goals and Tasks section.

Goals explained

However, in some cases you will be required to provide information that might not belong to a corresponding feature but instead to a system based reminder such as the number of blogs that are to be provided, social media integration's or outstanding website configuration tasks.

As an example, lets consider the reports that will be generated when you provide information for the very first item in the list, keyword goals.  See below. 

Notice that we have provided a keyword "social media" as a core business keyword, we have also selected the socialhootz home page as the landing page for this keyword.

Goals and Tasks

What have we just told SocialHootz?

We have just told SocialHootz that the term "social media" is an important keyword to our business.  As a result of providing this information we will be able to perform:

- a search in Google, Bing and Yahoo to see if the term social media can be found anywhere in the first 20 pages of each search engine.  If found, we will record the page location and row position in our database and will include this in the daily report.  This also acts as a baseline in helping us to determine ongoing improvements as we steadily move up the page rankings.

- an in-depth SEO report on the SocialHootz home page which tell us several important things about our core page:

a) Is the page consistent with our target keyword, i.e. does it contain enough references to ensure the search engines understand how to categorize our page.

b) Does the overall SEO score meet the basic requirements, a report is generated regardless.

- a keyword analysis of the specified core keyword.  It's one thing to be consistent with our keywords as described above, but how do we know if the keywords we are targeting are worthwhile?  We don't.  Fortunately SocialHootz integrates with a real-time keyword search database that tells us exactly what our visitors are looking for.  This information can and should be used to update our website either manually or automatically.

These are some of the reports you would expect to see because of the information provided above.


To assist with this you can download our checklist or simply add the details directly to your newly created account.

 Final Step: Recommended First Steps for all SocialHootz users


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