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If you would like to do this on your clients behalf then simply use your own email address instead.  You will be required to have at hand all of your new clients information such as business address, category and contact details.  You can do this by going directly to the sign up page.  When you reach the stage where your asked for a license key copy and paste the license key that generated when you added the client in the settings section earlier.

In order to provide your clients with access to SocialHootz you must first create a license key. 

To create a license key go to Reseller Settings

Reseller Settings

In the settings page click the + icon and add the new clients name and email address.

Click 'Save and Publish'


What happens next?

Along with the license key that will have been generated as seen above, the client will also receive a signup email with instructions for signing up

Once the client has filled in the signup form they will be added as a client underneath your reseller account.  You can then run through the steps as outline in the getting started guide.


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