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The section deals with everything you need to know to get a new client up and running, with the least possible amount of work.  We anticipate that clients will require some considerable hand-holding during the first weeks but the how-to video below provides everything you need to make the transition has smooth as possible.

The video is broken down into 12 parts.  You can jump to the specific steps using the video times listed below.  However, if you new to SocialHootz we recommend you watch the entire video. 

1.  Check that the client is receiving the reports.
2.  Add keyword campaigns. (3:19)
3.  Setting the social media mix. (7:08)
4.  Selecting messages from the clients own website. (12:34)
5.  Ensure any additional sub-categories have been selected. (18:13)
6.  Attach Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn. (21:16)
7.  Setup the integrations, if needed. (24:40)
8.  Add the company logo. (35:41)
9.  Check postcode for mapping is correct. (36:57)
10.  Make sure competition is turned on. (39:07)
11.  Setting up direct engagement. (43:33)
12.  Running the curations. (48:45)


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