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The advanced settings of special offers section allows specials offers to be added independently to special offer sites without having to create a campaign first.  Creating a special offer this way still provides all of the benefits as listed in the basic offers such as posting the offers to all of the same social platforms automatically.  However several other important benefits are:

- Two for one on the offer, the offer can be used for campaigns or blog sites that you have created.  The advanced feature allows the offer to be used again for dedicated offer sites.

- The offer is added to high traffic, dedicated website that can be set for local, regional and national exposure.

- The offer can be customised to provide additional messages when expiring dates are met or depleted stock levels are important.

- The offer can be setup to use date ranges and allowed unit amounts to turn the offer on and off when certain criteria is met.


1. Ensure the basic details have been added.

2. Select the Advanced tab.


3. If you want the offer to go to a local special offer site select the option 'Allow Local Publication', if you want the offer to go to a national offer site then click the service selection and choose one of the available offer sites.  Note that if you select both, the 'Allow Local Publication' will be the default.

Allow local publication

4.  If you want the offer to have a start, finish or both then select a date for each.  This will disable the offer when the date criteria is met, it will also prevent any promotional messages going out through your social media platforms.

Start and finish

What happens next?

Your offer will appear on a local offer site, the selection of which will be determined by your address as determined in the business details section.

Specials Screens


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