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The Special section is where you can create a form which can be used on your campaigns. 

How does it work?

You create a form which can be attached later on to your campaign.  The form which we often refer to as a "special offer" allows you to accept new customers by providing an incentive offer or deal. 

The Special section also allows an email response to be included.  This is what your potential customer receives when they click the Send button.

Setting up a Special Offer

Once a special offer has been created it can be used within a campaign.  In fact, the special offer can be attached to more than one campaign.

- Click Specials

- Client the Special Offer Blurb textbox and add your offer. 

- Click the Special Offer Background Text Colour and select the colour you want to use.

- Click the Special Offer Text Colour and select the colour you want to use.

- Click the Offer Expiry and select an expiry date.

Special Offer

Click inside the Special Offer email editor and create a responder email.  You can include dynamic tags that will allow the name of the person to be used, use ##name## after the initial salutation and include the remainder of the email and if applicable the ##offercode##.


Tip : You can set the branding for the header and footer of your emails by clicking on the Email Marketing section.

Tip : If you leave the Special Offer Email empty, we will create a generic email for you.  If an offer code exists we will include it.

Click the Offer Code textbox and include offer code.

Click the Page Redirect > Add link and select the page you would like the user be redirected to when after the click the submit button on your offer.



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