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I'm not seeing any messages coming through?

There could be several reasons why SocialHootz cannot post messages:

1) You have not selected any messages for submission.

This is the most likely cause for no messages going out.  SocialHootz will only enable messages when the following conditions are met:

- The messages have been manually enabled.

- The messages were automatically enabled because the content on the website contained the specified filter criteria.

2) You have selected messages but you have not selected the override messages option.

In order to keep your website content in sync with your outgoing social media messages, SocialHootz must regularly crawl your website.  Whenever it does this it will update the available message list inside your SocialHootz portal.  This means that if you manually select your messages SocialHootz will override them unless you select the override messages option.

3) You have selected messages but you have not selected a daily message amount.

SocialHootz needs to know how many messages you want to go out each day.  You need to select a daily message amount.

4) The messages have been consumed and the reuse past messages option has not been enabled.

SocialHootz won't send the same message twice unless you tell it do so.  If your concerned that your website doesn't have much content then it's advisable to turn this on.  It should be noted that even with the "Reuse past messages" enabled SocialHootz will not send the same message out again

5) The platform credentials are expired or have been revoked by the platform administrator.

If you are sure all of the above suggestions have been applied and your still not seeing messages then you should re-authenticate the platform that's not posting the messages.

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