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Website Internal

Unlike the Website External section that can contain many websites, the Website Internal section only contains one.  This website is your own website and follows the same hierarchy as your website.  The section comprises:

- In depth SEO reports for each of the indexed pages.
- Available social media and assets, extracted by SocialHootz.
- The ability to assign content to relevant pages based on optimised keywords found in the keyword reports.


Website Configuration


Website Configuration

Learn how to control how SocialHootz interprets your website.

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Webpage Optimisation

Find out how SocialHootz has measured your webpages.

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Social Media

Learn how your social media messages are created.

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Link Building

Learn how you can create blogs and articles and link them to your webpage.

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Social Reciprocation

Find out how to maximize your social reach by switching on our Social Reciprocation feature.

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Website Integration

It's all very well having great reports, but why stop there.  Click here to learn how we can keep you website update and insync with market demand.

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