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Link Building

This is content that we provide. During your sign up you selected your business category and agreed the amount of blogs you business would need each year. We use this information to write custom blogs for your business. However, we won't publish them to your services until you approve them. To approve and select a blog or set of blogs for your website select 'Website (Internal)' > select the page > select the 'Content Marketing' tab > click the 'Add' icon. When the list loads, navigate through the sub categories and click the title/s of the blogs your interested in using. To view the entire blog or list of selected blogs check 'Email Articles' and click 'Save and Publish'.

You will receive an email containing each of your selected blogs. To approve the blogs check 'Approve Articles' > 'Save and Publish'. Please be aware that once you approve the articles we will immediately proceed to publish them, this cannot be undone through the portal. You can manually remove them if they were approved by accident.

Also please note that the article or blog that we provided during the approval stage will not look exactly the same once published. This is because we may depending on your marketing settings:

(a) include images and videos we will take from your website.

(b) include embedded links back to your website, these will link back to the page that was used.

content marketing

Once the articles and blogs have been submitted you will be able to view each by selecting the 'Website (External)' node and then expanding your services.

blogsAs described in the Social Media section above you can for your new websites do the same thing as your business websites. You can now select messages from your blogs and articles to be submitted to your social media sites. This ensures that all of your new material is reaching your target audience.

The content marketing phase is key in ensuring that we derive all of the benefits from our webpage optimisations and keyword research. We provide several mechanisms for marketing your business. Each of these can be used with content you provide or with content we provide. If you decide to use content we provide please be aware of your license agreement.

Regardless of whether you or we provide the content we will ensure that it reaches all of the channels best suited for your business. This will have been determined when you signed up and selected the business category you belong to.


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