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Social Media

This uses data from your own website and intelligently distributes the content through you own social media service, such as Twitter and Facebook. To use the messages we have extracted from your website go to 'Websites (Internal)' > select the page > select the 'Social Media' tab.  To determine how we go about selecting the messages you want us to from your website you will need to use Html Extraction filters.

Plus Icon - Adds a new message, you can edit the messages at point.

Minus Icon - Removes an existing message.

Power Icon - Enable or Disables a message. Note this works in conjunction with the publish schedule feature on the properties panel. Leaving the message enable and selecting a publish date will ensure that messages are sent a specified from and to date.

Mover Icon - Moving the messages up and down in order of priority will ensure which messages are used first. Hold the mouse over the icon while moving the message up or down. Remember to click 'Save and Publish'.

social media

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