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What is Social Reciprocation?

Social Reciprocation is the term we give to the principle of social collaboration and affiliation.  It's the principle of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours".  In real terms its all about sharing each others social networks with the objective of benefiting everyone.

Why is it important?

When it comes to online engagement having a relevant and active audience is everything.  Usually you would be limited by the size and makeup of your own hard earned social network but with the SocialHootz reciprocation feature switched on we can help get your message out to infinitely more businesses and users each day.  Since this feature uses the same approach as Facebook boosts and Twitter Ads you can now stop paying costly third party fees by using SocialHootz reciprocation.

How does it work?

As the name implies.  A client with the reciprocal feature switched on allows his social platforms to be used by other non-conflicting clients.  The reverse is also true, you can now channel important messages through the social networks of other SocialHootz clients.  In effect, other none conflicting businesses become your partners.

Technically it works by comparing the business sub-categories of other SocialHootz clients with yours and vice-versa.  This feature not only provides your social feeds with variety but ensures that messages are going out to different groups altogether.



- Every serious social media strategy needs to provide a variety of content and media to its audience.  As a rule of thumb 1 in 4 posts can be promotional in nature.  Any more than this can have an adverse effect on growing your audience, particularly if your end users only feel they are being "sold to".  Reciprocating content is similar to curating content except for the fact that you don't have to spend any time doing this!  Turning this feature on provides that necessary balance important to your social audience building efforts.

- Social Media accounts of one type of business or interest tend to only attract or engage the same category of business or following.  This is to be expected, but how does for e.g. can an accountancy or law firm ever hope to penetrate a differing market sector, when that sector doesn't typically associate with them.  The answer is social reciprocation, by allowing your SocialHootz account to be reciprocated you can reach potential customers through the networks of other businesses that may comprise your defined target audience.

- A different audience every day.  By turning this feature on you can be assured that each new days social engagement will be reaching a different audience on a daily basis.  This is important because the more people you can expose you campaigns and special offers to the better.

For all of these reasons and more its important that you select the correct sub-categories for your business.

Setting up Social Reciprocation

You can update your sub-categories by clicking the Business Details section > click the Sub Category link > select the sub-categories that are within your main category.  You can select as many sub-categories as you want but consider that increasing your sub-category list will also decrease the number of other SocialHootz client accounts that you can use.

With the correct sub-categories selected the last thing to take care of is the type of reciprocated messages and the daily amount.

Reciprocation types

There are currently two types of content that we allow to be reciprocated.  The content taken directly from the messages you highlighted in your campaigns and the content that can be found directly in the special offer for the campaign.

Why do we only allow campaign and special offers to be reciprocated?

The campaign and associated special offer represents the main landing page for all of your social media activity.  Its the endpoint for everything you use SocialHootz for because its where your principally generate sales and grow your customer list.  Increasing the amount of traffic to these pages will have a direct bearing on your two most important key performance indicators, sales and new contacts.


Setting up Reciprocation

In order to setup the social reciprocation's for either the special offers or campaigns go to Website External and select the amount of posts you want to be reciprocated each day. 

What happens next

If for e.g. you were select 1 Post a day for your Special Offer the following will happen:

- SocialHootz will extract the special offer blurb you used inside the special offer description.

- Will post the special offer to your own social media platforms.

- Since 1 Post a day was specified, one other SocialHootz client account will be used.   If 2 Posts a day were selected then two other SocialHootz accounts will be used and so on for additional accounts. For each active social media account owned by the reciprocating client we will post the special offer.  This means that if the client account being used has for e.g. 30 active accounts then the special offer will be posted to all 30. 




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