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Initially, we perform an on-site SEO check of your website. This is to assess if your website meets all of the basic guidelines outlined by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. In effect, if we can't tell what your trying to rank for, neither will the search engines. We will send you a report which will identify any deficiencies with your website. This might include missing sitemaps, alt tags, poor naming conventions of titles and tags but most importantly keyword consistency.

This report can be sent on to your web designer who will be able to apply the recommendations.

Minimum Percentage Score Required

Each page is scored against our web optimisation criteria. However, you can decide what is acceptable according to your own needs. We recommend at least 70% optmisation.

Minimum Keyword Number Consistency Allowed

The most important criteria if you want to try and improve the ranking of your website.

Whenever we first check a page we look for one, two and three phrase keywords in your title, description and h1, h2 or h3 tags. If we find any you will see them in bold. If you don't see any keywords in bold and you still want to rank in the SERPs for the given page you will need ensure that the pages are updated and you will need to click the 'Re-Proces page' for the given page.

We will always favour longtail keywords because being more specific is your way of telling us what your really trying to rank for. For e.g. if you have the keywords 'boilers', 'bolier repair' and 'complete boiler repair solution' we will use 'complete boiler repair solution'. This is because the narrower the search term the more likely it will be for us to rank you. Bear in mind that if you don't have any keywords that exist for the title, description and h tag you will not be able to take advantange of the keyword mining feature.

Pages to optimise

Regardless of your scores as outlined above we will not proceed with the indexing until you specifiy the pages you want us to optimise. Once selected we will proceed to take a snapshot of your page/s in the search engines and do some additional keyword research which we will send in an email. Between this, the social media and the content marketing we will review the selected pages each week to monitor progress.


To select a page to optimise click the add icon and navigate to the page of your website you wish to rank for.

What happens when I add my page to the optimise list?

Two things happen. The first is we send your designated keywords to our keyword team. They research your keywords against a real time search engine database to see just how effective those terms are. And second, we add your page to our Serp Snapshot list which in effect means we will proceed to measure where you stand both in the search engines and in the social media world.

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