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One of the unique advantages of the SocialHootz system is its ability to extract content from any website and have it automatically submit its text, images and videos to all and/or any of its supported platforms, currently numbering 350. 

The reason for extraction filters

Most businesses use their website to promote their services and products.  If its a property website then they will most likely be adding and removing properties as existing properties are sold and new ones come onto the market. 

In some cases businesses may have e-commerce sites that designate particular products as special offers.  Wouldn't it be nice if we had a way of telling SocialHootz that if it see's one of these offers to automatically send it to local special offer websites and then re-promote these offer pages to all relevant social media accounts?  Think of all the time this would save!

Of course, this isn't just useful for sales and selling.  Most content that you add to your website can be re-purposed and promoted but the key is knowing where each piece of content would be best served.  For e.g. if you have a news section on your website, then you can set the filters to send news worthy content to our Press Release platforms.  The same can be said for Blogs, Articles, Events, Promotions or anything, literally anything. 

The great thing about setting up these filters is that once done you can walk away knowing that your website editors updates are being carried to hundreds of relevant platforms, social accounts and with that potential customers.  All without them lifting a finger.

Getting Started

The first task is to add the SocialHootz Extraction Tool, or SET for short, a favelet (also known as a bookmarklet) that allows you to view and and create extraction rules for the SocialHootz system.

Browsers currently supported are Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape 8, Opera 7.5+ and MSIE6+ on all of their respective Operating Systems.

To begin using the SocialHootz Extraction Tool, simply right click on the 'SocialHootz Extraction Tool' link, right of these instructions and selecting "Add to Favorites" or "Bookmark this Link" or whatever the nomanclature of your browser of choice.



- If you navigate to your website, you can now go to the favourite tab and select 'SocialHootz Extraction Tool'. See below:


- This will cause the panel to added to bottom of your webpage

Extraction Tool

Now that you have access to the tool I will explain how you can create your first filter.  For this example I will use BBC news but the same principles apply to any website, including your own or your clients if your a reseller.

The first thing to do is select the parent container, i.e. the element on the page that comprises all of the child elements. 

- Click 'Select Parent' and hover over the parent element.  The blue outline will guide you as to what your currently able to select.  In the case of the BBC news website we want to select the title, description and image.  For this this the parent will look like this:


- With the parent element highlighted, click the within the highlighted frame.

The next step is to extract the individual elements that will be needed. If we plan to use this with our news platforms, namely the title, description and image.  In the SET (SocialHootz Extraction Tool) do the following:

- Select the title link, hover over the title one the webpage, highlighted in blue below and click the title.

- Select the description link, hover over the description on the webpage, highlighted in red and click the description.

- Select the image link, hover over the image on the webpage, highlighted in green and click the image.


As you click each of the elements you will notice in the bottom right hand of SET a script.

This script was generated as you were selecting the elements and its this script that needs to be added to the integration section of your clients account.

As your selecting and clicking each element you will notice that in the bottom right portion of the SET as script is being generated.  Next login to your SocialHootz account or you clients account if you are there reseller, click on the Integrations section and paste this script into the Press Release section.

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