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During the web page optimisation process each of your web pages was given a score based on current and best SEO practices.  We also recommended keywords that we know that your prospects are using in search engines to find companies just like yours.  By using the 'Website Integration' features we can automatically update the keyword meta descriptions, title tags and designated H tags for pages on your website that you specify.  This is not a once off process, once integrated we can regularly update your most important pages to ensure that your website it always in sync with market demand.

How does it work?

Our software simulates the user by logging into their content management system with login credentials typically used by the webmaster.  Our software takes the keywords and other recommendations from your reports and updates the page.

How do I set it up?

Currently the integration only supports Wordpress websites.  If your website is a Wordpress website you will need to install the following plugin.

Selecting Website Internal > Website Integration.  

1) Add your admin dashboard URL to the Admin Url textbox.  For e.g. if your website is you will include the dashboard page wp-admin.  The full path will be

2) Add your Wordpress username to the Username/Email textbox.

3) Add your Wordpress password to the Password textbox.

If you want SocialHootz to update any optimised pages click the 'Publish all found keywords to all pages' button.

Alternatively, if you want only specific pages to be updated click the 'Add' button and select the page/s you want to be updated.

* You can also test the integration beforehand within the Diagnostics section.

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